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A bit about Legacy… Part 2!

For all the awe and wonderment I experienced in Florence and Sienna and throughout the hills of Tuscany exploring sleepy little towns tucked away in the hills, none can even remotely compare to Rom…
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P.S. Gordon- a look at his early work

At Willowbrush we currently have 4 original P.S. Gordon watercolor paintings…and the best news is…we’re getting another one next week! These paintings span 3 decades of his career, from …
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Tuscan Moments

Well, I’m back in the studio after a month of traveling in Italy and Germany! It was such a wonderful and beautiful experience surrounded by rolling hills dotted with vineyards and hay bales. I did …
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Tulsa Art Studio Tour~ OK Lovely

Here at Willowbrush we love to see and be a part of what’s happening in the art community of Tulsa. One of the great artistic events of the spring for us was no doubt the Tulsa Art Studio Tour spons…
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What Does Rachel Do All Day?

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day. Usually the conversation goes something like this, “so Rachel, do you just like sit in your studio and paint all day?” And I always laugh and say I wish …
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